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Henri Bouillion - ALBUM containing original portraits, poems

Jarry, Alfred / Bouillion, Henri, et al. Manuscript Album, containing original portraits, poems, and other texts by several artists and authors of La Belle Époque / The album also spectacularly contains a lengthy, manuscript entry by Alfred Jarry / A drawing of Frédéric-Auguste Cazals, 1865-1941, on the page with the poem of Yon Lug (pen name of Constant Jacquet, 1864-1921) / A dedication signed Jean Dayros ( pen name of Paul Colombié, 1864-1937) / A quatrain of Charles Ténib (pen name of doctor Charles Binet-Sanglé, 1868-1941) and many many more etc. etc. France, ca. 1890. Oblong Folio. 47 heavy stock cardboard pages. Original Hardcover (halfleather). Oblong folio, 16"x11" (41cm. x 28cm) 47 heavy stock, unnumbered cardboard leaves, 38 of which contain drawings, as well as poems and other texts. Numerous artists and writers contributed to this book belonging to sculptor Henri Théophile Bouillion (1864-1934), to whom the different works are dedicated. An astonishing collection of what appears to be unpublished material from La Belle Époque. The contributors, some better known than others, include André Veidaux, Louis Roux-Servine(1871-1953), Léon Lebegue (1863-1930), Fernand Faure, Xavier Privas (1863-1927), Louis Cartier, Alfred Jarry, Fernand Hauser, Auguste Normand, Ladislas Loevy, Ernest Jetat, A. Lesimple, LeMerle, L.D. DeBerry. Fourteen excellent portraits in ink, pencil, and charcoal, one of them in color pencil, and a drawing of a sleeping cat. Many of the drawings are by Lebegue, a notable illustrator of books.

Michelson, Velocity of Light - Experimental Determination of the Velocity

Michelson, Albert Abraham / Holton, Gerald. Velocity of Light - Experimental Determination of the Velocity of Light. - Facsimile of Michelson's original handwritten journal [Signed Presentation copy from Michelson's daughter Dorothy Michelson Stevens to physicist Gerald Holton - Loosely inserted was a vintage photograph of Michelson in his Laboratory]. [Minneapolis], Honeywell Inc., no date [c. 1964]. 4°. 114 pages with illustrations. [including descriptive-text-leaflet from Honeywell] Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Minor tear to front wrapper. This facsimile was a special gift from Michelson's daughter to Gerald Holton and comes with an original, vintage Photograph of Michelson in his Laboratory.

[Bukowski, PORTFOLIO III - 31 Broadsides including: Coverleaf:

[Bukowski, Charles] Crosby, Caresse / Miller, Henry etc. "20 Tanks from Kasseldown" - PORTFOLIO III - with 31 Broadsides (28 numbered leafs, coverleaf, one unnumbered leaf [Twenty-Nine] and a so-called Foreleaf). The Broadsied include: Coverleaf: Portfolio - Designed by Caresse Crosby - with poem from Charles Peguy / Foreleaf "The Bull Ring" - 4 Drawings by Tal-Coat (Companion piece to the Lament for Ignaio Sanchez Mejias / Broadside - Leaf One: Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias - "LORCA" / Leaf Two: Jean-Paul Sartre - Boy into Man / Leaf Three: Stephen Spender - Three Poems / Leaf Four: J.J.Grandville - Civil Marriage / Leaf Five: [Kenneth Rexroth] - Iphigenia at Aulis / Leaf Six: Harry Crosby - 4 pages from "Shadow of the Sun" / Leaf Seven: Wilfredo Lam / Leaf Eight: Charles Bukowski - "20 Tanks from Kasseldown" / Leaf Nine: In Memoriam - CAGLI / Leaf Ten: Natalia Ginzburg - Memoria / Memories - Translated by Maria Calfee / Leaf Eleven: Henry Miller - The Staff of Life - Ornamented with a Self Portrait of the Author/ Leaf Twelve: Yvonne Roy - Homecoming - Liebestod - (Two Poems)/ Leaf Thirteen: Sam Rosenberg - The Stove / Leaf Fourteen: James Hanley - An Excerpt from "No Directions" / Leaf Fifteen: Walter Mehring - Riverside Drive - Translated by Kay Boyle / Leaf Sixteen: Hans Richter - "Dreams that Money can Buy" - Hans Richter and Marcel Duchamp working on Duchamp's machine which puts his two-dimensional discs in motion etc. (Photographs with text) / Leaf Seventeen: Kay Boyle - Chapter from a Novel entitled "Military Zone" / Leaf Eighteen: William Abrahams - An Affirmation / Leaf Nineteen: [Virginia Paccassi] "Siesta" - (Drawing) / Leaf Twenty: Sterling Brown: "Night Bus" / Leaf Twenty-One: Dorothea Tanning - Fantastic Heliotherapy / Leaf Twenty-Two: Jean Genet - "Chants Secrets" / Leaf Twenty-three: "Air-Crash 45" (Drawing) / Leaf Twenty-four: Waldo Peirce - "On some New England Versifiers" / Leaf Twenty-five: Virginia Paccassi - "The IND at Springfield, Mass. - Carnegie Show 45"/ Leaf Twenty-six: Hubert Creekmore - Two Poems - Gardens of War - The Red Ouainth / Leaf Twenty-seven: David Daiches - "American Wines"/ Leaf Twenty-eight: Harry Thornton-Moore - Dear Caresse (A letter to the editor) / Unnumbered Leaf [Twenty-Nine]: Harry Thornton Moore: P.S. - "Dear Caresse" (Postscriptum to Leaf Twenty-eight) and on the same page: Selden Rodman - Brideshead Revisited // First Edition - First Issue. [Washington D.C. Black Sun Press, 1946. Large Folio. 31 Broadsides. Original printed wrappers in protective Mylar. First edition Broadsides in First issue folder (with title lettering in red). The spine of the wrapper brittle and damaged. The Broadsides all in excellent condition with only minor signs of wear to three of them. The Bukowski Broadside in excellent condition. Very scarce in this first issue edition !

[Herbert, analog - Science Fact - Science Fiction. 19 issues of this wonderful science - fiction magazine

[Herbert, Frank] Campbell, John W. analog - Science Fact - Science Fiction. 19 issues of this wonderful science - fiction magazine with several first editions of "Dune" by Frank Herbert. Available here are in their original wrappers: 5 Volumes of 1963 (Available are March 1963, July 1963, August 1963, November 1963, December 1963 / 11 Volumes of 1964 (only the May Issue is missing) / 3 Volumes of 1965 (available are January 1965, February 1965 and March 1965). New York, Conde Nast, 1963 - 1965. Quarto. c. 1600 pages with many illustrations. Original Softcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. The coverart all intact and in excellent condition. Only very few issues a little frail and the spines with very minor damages.

Frye, Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake.

Frye, Northrop / Jones, Howard Mumford / White, Helen C. Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake. [With signed letters by Northrop Frye and his wife Helen Kemp to their friends Jerry and Elizabeth Buckley as well as an inscribed review of the book by English professor Helen C. White - on top of these wondreful documents also included is a full page letter by Harvard professor Howard Mumford Jones to his colleague Jerry Buckley in which he speaks about the "Victorian Group" meetings] Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1947. 24cm x 16.2cm. 462 pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. With signed letters by Frye to Jerry Buckley.

Kierkegaard, Christelige Taler.(Christian Discourses)

Kierkegaard, Søren. Christelige Taler.(Christian Discourses) - Første - Fjerde Afdeling. I. Hedningernes Bekymringer. II. Stemninger i Lidelsers Strid. III. Tanker, som saare bagfra - til Opbyggelse. IV. Taler ved Altergangen om Fredagen. Originaludgave. Kjobenhavn, Reitzels Forlag, 1848. 8°. 103, 74, 96, 77 pages. Hardcover - Med alle fire titelblade. First edition, the trade state. A very good copy in contemporary roan-backed marbled boards, edges trimmed, wraps not included. Includes 'the Anxiety of the Heathen", "Exultant Notes in the Conflict of Suffering," "Thoughts Which Wound from Behind - for Edification" and 'Discourses at the Communion on Fridays."

Atwood, The Edible Woman. [Association Copy].

Atwood, Margaret. The Edible Woman. [Association Copy]. First Edition. Toronto / Montreal, McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1969. 8°. 281 pages. Original Hardcover with illustrated dustjacket in protective Mylar. Very good + condition with only minor signs of external wear. The jacket with some stronger signs of wear, tears and some fraying. A most wonderful association copy of Atwoods first Novel, inscribed by Margaret Atwood to her professor Jerry Buckley on the titlepage: "For J.E.H. Buckley with best wishes, Peggy Atwood - 1969". Included is also a stunning manuscript letter which Margaret Atwood sent to Jerry Buckley and in which she announces the publication of this book. She continues by talking about her thesis to Jerry and we get a glimpse of her strategy with tackling her thesis. Ever more interesting is her question: "I doubt that my thesis will turn into a book - I'm developing a phobia about publishers. Are they all as chaotic as McClelland and Stewart, I wonder ?".

Auster, Wall Writing.

Auster, Paul. Wall Writing. [Signed] Berekeley, The Figures, 1976. 19.1cm x 13.3cm. 63 pages. Original Softcover in protective Mylar. Excellent condition. One of 26 copies lettered A-Z (this copy lettered T) and signed twice by Paul Auster (Once on the titlepage and once in the Impressum. Extremely scarce !!

Haeckel, Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte [Widmungsexemplar / Inscribed asscoiation copy].

Haeckel, Ernst. Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte [Widmungsexemplar / Inscribed asscoiation copy]. Gemeinverständliche wissenschaftliche Vorträge ueber die Entwicklungslehre im Allgemeinen und diejenige von Darwin, Goethe und Lamark im Besonderen, über Anwendung derselben auf den Ursprung des Menschen und andere damit zusammenhängende Grundfragen der Naturwissenschaft. Mit Tafeln, Holzschnitten, systematischen und genealogischen Tabellen. First Edition. Berlin, Georg Reimer, 1868. 8°. XVI, 568 Seiten sowie VIII Tafeln im Anhang. Originaler Pappband mit Rückenschild. Nur minimal berieben. Erste Ausgabe. Mit handschriftlicher Widmung Haeckel's: "Seinem verehrten Collegen, Herrn Professor Ernst Schmid z. fr. Er. Der Verfasser." Octavo, 568 (plus plates). First edition of this essential early work by the great German theoretical biologist whose early understanding of the Darwinian revolution was instrumental in bringing the concept of evolution to the attention of Europe and the world. A very good or better copy in contemporary marbled paper-covered boards, with the front wrap bound in. A presentation copy, inscribed by Haeckel on the titlepage.

Arendt, Rahel Varnhagen - The Life of a Jewess. [Inscribed / Signed]

Arendt, Hannah. Rahel Varnhagen - The Life of a Jewess. [Inscribed / Signed / Association copy] First Edition. London, Leo Baeck Institute, 1957. 8°. XIV, 222 pages. Hardcover / Original cloth with dustjacket in protective Mylar. The cloth-volume a little strangely stained on the spine and around the boards. The dustjacket in very good condition with only few signs of wear but a hint of a coffee-cup circle to front cover. The volume overall very firm and strong and inside in very good+ condition. Inscribed by Hannah Arendt on the front free endpaper to Judaica-Expert and Brandeis Professor Harry Zohn: "For Harry Zohn - Cordially. Cambridge, April 6, 1967 - Hannah Arendt". Nice association copy - Arendt and Zohn worked together on numerous occasions - so for example on Walter Benjamin's translation of "Illuminationen". [Publication of the Leo Baeck Institute of Jews from Germany].

Said - The Text, the World, the Critic

Said, Edward W. / Gould, Glenn. The Text, the World, the Critic (On Glenn Gould). Midwest Modern Langauage Association, 1975. Oblong-4°. 12 pages. Mechanical reproduction from Midwest Modern language Association, Vol 8, #2, Fall 1975. Inscribed by the author to critic Harry Levin. With Said's additional signature on the address flap of envelope attached.

Chomsky, Syntatic Structures.

Chomsky, Noam. Syntactic Structures. [Signed by Noam Chomsky] Sixth Printing. The Hague / Paris, Mouton & Co., 1966. 8°. 118 pages. Original Softcover. Signed by Noam Chomsky on the endpaper. Some fingerstaining to covers and edge. Otherwise in very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Name-stamp of preowner on endpaper.

Joshua Thomas Stevenson - General Stevenson.

[Stevenson, Thomas Greely] / Stevenson, Joshua Thomas. General Stevenson. [Memorial publication of Brigadier General Thomas G. Stevenson - compiled by his father Joshua Thomas Stevenson] / Loosely inserted: Broadside with an Ode by Mrs. C.M.Sawyer titled "On the Death of Brigadier General Thomas G. Stevenson, killed at Spotsylvania Court House, Va., on Tuesday morning, May 10th, 1864. Cambridge, Welch, Bigalow & Co., [1864]. 20cm x 15cm. Frontispice with original cabinet photograph of General Stevenson, 129 pages [no titlepage - as issued]. Original Hardcover with gilt lettering on front board. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Inscribed and signed by Stevenson's father on the front free endpaper: "S.O.Sawin, with the regards of J. Thos. Stevenson".

Le Groupe ORA

Foldes, Peter / Gaitis, Yannis / Hiraga, Key / Macréau, Michel / Naccache, Edgard / Le Groupe ORA ORA - Best Blend - Foldes Gaites - Hiraga - Macreau - Naccache. Vernissage le Mercredi 15 Mars de 18 a 21 Heures - L'Exposition se prolongera jusqu'au 5 avril. Paris, Galerie Jacqueline Ranson, 1967. 8°. 12 pages. Softcover. Broché. Reliure originale ! Bon état.

Lewis, The Childermass.

Lewis, Wyndham. The Childermass. Section I. [Signed - Limited Edition] London, Chatto and Windus, 1928. 21.9cm x 14.6cm. 322 pages. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket in protective Mylar. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Signed by the author. Limited Edition - no. 155 of 225 copies.

Immanuel Kant - Prolegomena zu einer jeden künftigen Metaphysik die als Wissenschaft wird auftreten können.

Kant, Immanuel. Prolegomena zu einer jeden künftigen Metaphysik die als Wissenschaft wird auftreten können. Erste Ausgabe [unbeschnittenes breitrandiges Exemplar]. Riga, Johann Friedrich Hartknoch, 1783. 8°. 222 Seiten. Hardcover. Originaler Pappband der Zeit. Sehr guter Zustand mit nur minmalen Gebrauchsspuren. Die Bindung etwas stärker berieben. Vorsatzpapier an der Schwelle zum Titelblatt verstärkt. Ausführliche Annotationen in Tinte auf den Innendeckeln und Vorsatzblatt (zeitgenössisch). Sogenannte "Large Paper Copy". Seltenes, breitrandiges Exemplar.

Canetti - Masse und Macht.

Canetti, Elias. Masse und Macht. Erste Ausgabe. Hamburg, Claassen Verlag, 1960. 8°. 568 Seiten. Originaler Leinenband mit dem seltenen, originalen Schutzumschlag. Der Umschlag mit nur ganz geringen Gebrauchsspuren. Der Leinenband ganz minimal fleckig. Sehr guter Allgemeinzustand. Mit handschriftlicher Widmung von Elias Canetti auf dem Vorsatzblatt. Voll signiert.

Le Bon, Psychologia das multidoes. [Original, Portuguese Edition].

Le Bon, Gustavo. Psychologia das multidoes. [Original, Portuguese Edition of Psychologie des Foules / Psychology of Crowds]. Lisboa, Almanach Encyclopedico , 1908. Octavo. 182 pages. Original Hardcover / Bound in quarter calf with raised bands and Morocco covered boards. Original wrappers bound in. Excellent condition of this rare translation into Portuguese by Agostinho Fortes. Bookplate to pastedown. [Bibliotheca d' Èducacao Nacional - IV].

Morrow, Confunctions 11 - Bi-Annual Volume of New Writing

Morrow, Bradford. Conjunctions 11 - Bi-Annual Volume of New Writing. One of the special 25th Anniversary issues - limited to 25 copies, signed by Conjunctions contributors. New York, Bard College, 2006. 8°. 451 pages. Original Hardcover (red cloth in protective Mylar within original slipcase. FINE. Signed by 25 contributors and the editor Bradford Morrow. Among the signatures are for example: Rikki Ducornet, William H. Gass, John Ashbery, Joyce Carol Oates, Toby Olson, Ann Lauterbach, Lydia Davis, Jim Crace and many more.

Mozart auf der Reise nach Prag. [Widmungsexemplar des Philosophen Ludwig Wittgenstein an seinen Schüler Rush Rhees / Presentation - copy from philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein to his friend Rush Rhees]

[Wittgenstein, Ludwig / Rhees, Rush] Mörike, Eduard. Mozart auf der Reise nach Prag. [Widmungsexemplar des Philosophen Ludwig Wittgenstein an seinen Schüler Rush Rhees / Presentation - copy from philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein to his friend Rush Rhees]. Novelle von Eduard Mörike. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by William Guild Howard. London, D.C.Heath & Company, (1904). 8°. X, 125, (2) pages. Hardcover / Original cloth. Heath's Modern Language Series-Eedition of this school text version of Mörike's classic novella. A very good copy in publisher's stamped brown cloth. This copy a gift from Ludwig Wittgenstein to his student, disciple and eventual literary co-executor, Rush Rhees, inscribed in pencil in Wittgenstein's hand, "Wittgenstein to Rhees."

Cicero, De officiis, Libri III. [Miniature-Book]

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. De officiis, Libri III. [Miniature-Book] Amsterdam, Apud Guiljelmus I. Caesius, 1625. 70 mm x 47 mm. 428, (24) pp. Index rerum et Verborum only until letter P. Hardcover. Red morocco of the 18th century with gilt ornaments to spine and boards. Gilt edges. The extremely rare print and binding in excellent condition with only minor signs of wear. Joints a little weak but still firm. This remarkable, early miniature book is truly a rare find.

Morris Dorsky - Autograph manuscript on "Edvard Munch"

[Munch, Edvard] Dorsky, Morris. Autograph manuscript on "Edvard Munch" - 126 pages - / Carbon Typescript - Manuscript "An attempt at the Understanding of Edvard Munch" - 47 pages / Exhibition List of Works exhibited at "The Brooklyn Museum" 1942-1943 / Numerous handwritten notes - manuscript collection with numerous citations in german and english from contemporary works of the first part of the 20th century on Munch's private and artist life. Brooklyn, (1942). 4°. 126, 47 pages and more. Hardcover folder. Approximately 220 pages with collected notes of Morris Dorsky towards his publication on Munch - The Two folders bear a sticker dated May 18th, 1942: "Morris Dorsky, 2921 West 21 Street - Brooklyn, New York - This Uncompleted Manuscript has been left in the custody of the Librarian of the Institute" - The Carbontypescript with Dorskys address in his handwriting. Wonderful, extensive document of sourcefinding - material of a well known and respected art-scholar and lecturer out of Meyer Schapiro's circle. Also included a letter of Una E. Johnson to Morris Dorsky - from January 18th 1943 in which Johnson attached a mimeographed list of exhibited selected prints by Munch - Sensationally with the names of lenders (Rare proof of provenance for Munch paintings).

Chomsky - Language and Mind.

Chomsky, Noam. Language and Mind. First Edition. New York, Harcourt Brace & World, 1968. 8°. VI, 88 pages. Original Softcover. Softcover. Very good condition. Signed by Noam Chomsky on the endpaper. Some minor edgwear only. Noam Chomsky in his own words: "The three chapters of this book are somewhat elaborated versions of the three lectures, the Beckman lectures, that I delivered at the University of California, at Berkeley, in January 1967."

Archive of numerous signed broadsides, signed invitations and special cards by William Jay Smith.

Smith, William Jay. Archive of 35 (thirtyfive) signed broadsides, invitations and poems on special cards by William Jay Smith. 4°. Wonderful small autograph-collection of this american poet.

Carpentier, La harpe et l'ombre.

Carpentier, Alejo. / Durand, René L.-F. La harpe et l'ombre. [Inscribed / Signed] Édition Francaise. Paris, Éditions Gallimard, 1979. 20 x 14 cm. 204 pages. Broché / Softcover. Bon état général. Couverture défraîchi, protégée avec jaquette protective en plastique transparente. Bon exemplaire. Intérieur impeccable. Dédicace de l'auteur sur page de garde "Pour Aléna avec L'affection de l'auteur, en souvenir de celui que nous aimions tant, votre Alejo Carpentier. Paris aout 79".

Murakami - A Wild Sheep Chase.

Murakami, Haruki. A Wild Sheep Chase. [Signed] A Novel by Haruki Murakami. Translated by Alfred Birnbaum. Tokyo/New York/London, Kodansha International, 1989. 8°. 263 pages. Original Softcover. Uncorrected Galley Proof / Advance Reading Copy. Signed by Haruki Murakami in Japanese on the title-page. Fine.

Murakami - Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the end of the world.

Murakami, Haruki. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the end of the world. [Signed] A Novel by Haruki Murakami. Translated by Alfred Birnbaum. Tokyo/New York/London, Kodansha International, 1991. 8°. 405 pages. Original Softcover. Uncorrected Page Proof - signed by the author. Haruki Murakamis stamp and signature "Haruki" on title-page. Bottom edge slightly bumped. Edge with minor stain. Very good plus/Near fine.

Nancy Cunard / Edith Sitwell - Wheels - An Anthology of Verse.

[Cunard, Nancy] Sitwell, Edith / Sitwell, Osbert / Rootham, Helen etc. Wheels - An Anthology of Verse. First Edition. Oxford, B.H.Blackwell, 1916. 8°. 84 pages. Original, illustrated Hardcover (half cloth), partly unopened, in very good condition. The boards a little dusty and rubbed. Spectacular copy. Signed by Osbert Sitwell, Edith Sitwell, Sacheverell Sitwell, Helen Rootham. Further inscribed by Helen Rootham: "To Annie with love from Helen".

Quine / Hallen - Knowledge Belief & Witchcraft. Analytic Experiments in African Philosophy.

[Quine, Willard Van Orman] Hallen, Barry / Sodipo, J.O. Knowledge Belief & Witchcraft. Analytic Experiments in African Philosophy. Foreword by Dorothy Emmett. London, Ethnographica, 1986. 8°. VI, 138 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Inscribed by Barry Hallen to philosopher Willard Van Orman Quine. With several inetresting critical comments by Quine himself. Also an interesting philosophical statement in the rear flap in Quine's hand. Important association copy since Quine wrote the foreword for a later edition of the work (1997).

Perez - Musikalische Novellen. Mit fünf Original-Lithographien von Jacob Steinhardt.

Perez, Jizchok-Leib / Steinhardt, Jacob. Musikalische Novellen. Mit fünf Original-Lithographien von Jacob Steinhardt. [Die fünf Lithographien illustrieren die folgenden Novellen: Schma Jißroel oder Der Bassgeiger, Die Wandlungen einer Weise, Die Kabbalisten, Der Purimgeiger, Er spielt für den Teufel. / Mit zwei Seiten jiddischer Worterklärungen]. Die Übersetzungen aus dem Ostjüdischen stammen von Alexander Eliasberg. Berlin, Verlag für Jüdische Kunst und Kultur - Fritz Gurlitt, 1920. 4°. 64 Seiten. Originales Halbleinen mit illustriertem Einbanddeckel. Die Bindung gering berieben. Innen sehr guter Zustand. Schöner Druck von Otto von Holten.

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